Presumptive Eligibility Pregnancy Medicaid

Are you pregnant and in need of health care? You may be eligible for Medicaid right now.

The goal of the Georgia Department of Public Health’s Presumptive Eligibility (PE) program is to provide Medical Assistance coverage to pregnant women during the Medicaid application processing period.

The mission of this program is to remove barriers of access to prenatal care because public health knows that prenatal care is critical to ensuring a healthy birth outcome for mother and child.

The Presumptive Eligibility program is part of the Georgia Department of Public Health’s pregnancy (perinatal) services are focused on the health of women and babies before, during and after birth. Georgia’s Perinatal Health program aims to assure pregnant women in Georgia every opportunity to access comprehensive perinatal health care services appropriate to meet their individual needs. 

The Perinatal Health program promotes the health of women and infants by assisting them in accessing risk-appropriate, comprehensive, quality perinatal services close to home.

Contact your local health department to learn more about our perinatal programs.