Perinatal Programs

Perinatal Programs have been a part of health department services since the medical community discovered that monitoring women during pregnancy reduced the rates of maternal and infant mortality.  As with all health department programs, the Perinatal Programs have constantly evolved over the years.  Today, the Perinatal Programs offer more support than actual prenatal care.  We leave the prenatal care in the capable hands of our area physicians.

Perinatal services can be provided at or by your local health department.  Services for these clients can be obtained through the Lowndes County Health Department.

Perinatal Case Management (PCM)

Perinatal Case Management is designed for the pregnant woman to utilize all services available to her, including health and social services, allowing for a healthly baby.  The major goal of PCM  is to reduce infant illness and death by improving pregnancy outcomes.

PCM Provides:

  • Individualized assessments, plans and linkage to services
  • Referrals for medical costs
  • Referrals for prenatal care
  • Referrals for WIC services

Presumptive Eligibility Pregnancy Medicaid

To remove barriers to the availability of prenatal care critical in affecting the birth outcome and health of the mother, Medicaid coverage is provided to income-eligible pregnant women during the time period that a formal Medicaid application is pending.

Perinatal Planning

Helps coordinate planning and outreach efforts for the total cohort of reproductive-aged women, pregnant women, males fathering their infants, and infants.  The program assists women in planning their pregnancies, receiving early, comprehensive prenatal care and linking them to intervention and support services.  Perinatal Planning is designed to monitor and address local health disparities, based on trends and patterns in the specific communities.

Tiffany Crowell, RN, BSN, Perinatal Coordinator

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