Strategic National Stockpile

The Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) is used in the event of a public health emergency where local medical supplies or medicines would be depleted. The Emergency Preparedness team works with each local public health department in the district to train and exercise their county’s SNS plan.

During a public health emergency within the district requiring SNS deployment, medical supplies or medications would be delivered within a timeframe to be distributed, free of charge to the public at an open point-of-dispensing (POD).

Businesses / Organizations and the Strategic National Stockpile

In an effort to alleviate the amount of people going to an open POD in a county, businesses and organizations, meeting criteria, have the option to become a closed point-of-dispensing (POD). Businesses or organizations signed up as a closed POD would receive the necessary supplies or medicine to distribute to their employees/members and their families.

Businesses or organizations interested in becoming a closed POD should call the Emergency Preparedness office at 229-333-5290.