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Children’s Medical Services

Children’s Medical Services (CMS) provides medical care for disabling conditions or chronic disease in children from birth to the age of 21. Services through the CMS program may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, family education, social services, nutritional counseling and case management. CMS is funded through state and federal resources.

In the Valdosta Office, there are clinics for children with orthopedic conditions, diabetes, cardiac disorders, asthma, sickle cell and other hematology diseases. Medical services for children with hearing, vision and neurological conditions are also provided.

The CMS staff actively works with primary care physicians to coordinate specialty care for the child, including case management and asthma education. CMS employs registered nurses who have special training in pediatrics and contracts with nutritionist and speech, occupational, and physical therapists who work with children.

Eligibility for CMS is based on income, type of medical condition and the age of the child (0-21). Medicaid and SSI recipients are eligible. Families with or without insurance are also eligible, but may be required to defray some cost depending on their income. Physicians, healthcare providers, school staff, public health departments, social workers, or parents may refer children to CMS.

Once the referral is received, CMS staff will contact the family. After completion of an application, the child will be enrolled in the specialty services necessary for his/her situation. Some children are followed by local physicians with treatment coordinated by the nurse case managers of CMS. Other children may be enrolled in specialty services provided by physicians who come to Valdosta from the Medical College of Georgia. The nurse case manager ensures that follow-up care is provided.

For more information on the Telemedicine program that Children’s Medical Services offers, visit our Telemedicine page.

Sandee Simmons


Sandee Simmons, RN, CMS Program Manager


CMS Contact Information:
Local – 229-245-4310
Long Distance – 800-848-5728
State of Georgia CMS –