Adolescent Health & Youth Development

Adolescent Health & Youth Development provides financial, educational and instructional support for youth related activities. The purpose of the Adolescent Health and Youth Development (AHYD) program is to enhance the skills and improve the health status of Georgia’s adolescents ages 10-19 through opportunities and programs developed in collaboration with families, communities, schools and other public and private organizations throughout Georgia. AHYD programs and services provide a network of community-based support to help adolescents succeed as they move into adulthood by focusing on the “assets” of individual youth and their families. AHYD-sponsored programs reinforce positive attitudes, healthy behaviors and activities, and reduce risk-taking behaviors, such as violence, substance abuse, poor school performance and sexual activity.

Youth Advisory Board
The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is the Adolescent Health & Youth Development (AHYD) teen leadership group. The YAB helps AHYD and South Health District by providing an adolescent perspective on programs and activities are offered in the community and at the health departments.

The YAB also participates in planning and implementation of youth outreach events throughout the year, as well as being involved in various community service projects. YAB members attend trainings and meetings, usually once a month. To become part of the YAB, you must in the 8th-11th grade. Anyone interested in serving on the board should contact Percy Chastang.

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Percy Chastang, Youth Development Coordinator

Contact Information:
Phone: 229-245-6442