South Health District

Lowndes County Board of Health

The primary role of the Lowndes County Board of Health is to assess the needs of the community, provide policy guidance, and exercise general oversight of Lowndes County Health Department, while leaving the day to day management and operational control of the health department to the District Health Director.

Each board of health is comprised of seven community members who have been appointed to serve on the board. Four positions are appointed by the county’s chief executive officer: 1 – county’s chief executive officer or designee; 2 – licensed physician actively practicing in the county; 3 – consumer or advocate for consumers of health services; and 4 – consumer who will represent the needy, underprivileged or elderly. The fifth position is held by the county’s superintendent of schools or designee. The last two positions are appointed by the governing authority of the largest municipality of the county: 1 – city’s chief executive officer or designee; and 2 – consumer or licensed nurse interested in promoting public health.

The following community members make up the Lowndes County Board of Health.

William R. Grow, MD, FACP – District Health Director
Mark Eanes, MD – Physician Appointed by County Commission (Chairman)
Frances Brown – Advocate for Needy, Underprivileged or Elderly
John Gayle – City of Valdosta Mayor
Mary Margaret Richardson, EdD – Consumer Advocate Appointed by City (Vice Chairman)
Bill Slaughter – Lowndes County Commissioner
Randy Smith, DDS – Consumer Advocate Appointed by County Commission (Secretary)
Wes Taylor – Superintendent, Lowndes County Schools

Notices, Minutes and Agendas

Draft agendas and minutes can be found here for Lowndes County Board of Health meetings.