Client Stories: Victoria Gonzalez

Photo by Daniel Shippey

When Victoria Gonzalez came to Tifton for college she knew that she would need to find medical care to receive her family planning services. She chose the Tift County Health Department and now recommends it to anyone who is in need.

“Prior to coming to Tifton I used the health department back home, but I’ve been with the health department here for almost five years,” Victoria explained. “They have most definitely been helpful. I knew that I wanted birth control, but they were able to give me all of the options and answer my questions without judgement.”

Through South Health District’s Women’s Health and Family Planning programs, women are able to seek services including birth control, annual exams and more.

“I have recommended the health department to my friends because I have never had a bad experience there,” she continues. “They helped me so much and if they could possibly help my friends I always recommend they go.”

“They are very friendly and knowledgeable. You can tell they want what is best for their patients and that they are really looking out for people. I don’t think they get enough appreciation for all that they do.