Client Stories: Victor Jones

Photo by Daniel Shippey

Victor Jones is taking the steps to catch up on his immunizations and he would recommend anyone who needs vaccines visit the Irwin County Health Department.

“Now that I have insurance coverage I am trying to catch up on the vaccines I have missed,” explained Victor. “

Having a daughter who is special needs, Victor understands just how important it is to prioritize your health and take care of yourself.

“My daughter is autistic and so I want to make sure I am here for her as much as possible and that means taking care of my health. If I take care of my health I can be here as long as possible to help provide for her.”

Victor would recommend anyone that is in need of services come to the Irwin County Health Department for those services.

“They are always very inviting and seem to be concerned about your needs. I would recommend anyone come to the health department for services, especially those who are not financially stable.”