Client Stories: Troy Harbin

Photo by Wes Sewell Photography

Troy Harbin dealt with not feeling well for months before finally seeking help. Now his life has completely changed for the better, and he credits that to the Lowndes County Health Department Diabetes and Hypertension programs.

“Initially I felt bad, but I didn’t know what was wrong,” explained Troy. “I wasn’t able to work because I felt so bad. I finally was fed up and I went to the hospital. That was when I learned that I was diabetic.”

Prior to that visit, Harbin had no idea he was diabetic, much less how he should be managing it.

“Because I had no insurance, the hospital recommended I call the health department,” he continued. “The staff there were so genuine, caring and loving.”

Through the clinic, Troy was able to learn how to manage his diabetes and what steps to take to begin to feel better.

“The staff there get to the root of the issue and, if you will listen to them, you will get better,” Troy said. “I had forgotten what it was like to feel normal. I was so used to struggling, but now I am feeling better. I am able to start working again. And even though I will have insurance with my new job, they will still keep seeing me at the clinic.”

Through changes in diet and exercise, Troy was able to turn his life around. Now, he recommends the health department to anyone and everyone.

“Whatever you are going through, whatever is happening to you, go to the health clinic. Sometimes people don’t realize they are struggling because it starts off slow. But if you need help, go there. They will help you. The staff are so compassionate. They saved my life.