Client Stories: Rep. Dexter Sharper

Photo by Wes Sewell Photography

Representative Dexter Sharper has been utilizing the local health department for his entire life and encourages others to do the same.

“From the day I was born [for my birth certificate], all through my childhood [for immunizations] and through to today, I have gone to the health department,” he explained. “The health department is so important because it allows people convenient access to services they might not be able to get otherwise.”

Sharper praised the continued work of the health department staff at all levels, highlighting the importance of the children’s programs, environmental health, immunizations and the many other services offered for not only individuals but businesses as well.

“The children’s programs serve kids in different ways, such as immunizations or early intervention. Immunizations are crucial for everyone of all ages, whether it is childhood vaccines for school, flu or shingles, they help keep us safe. Environmental Health is an integral part of our community. Through their inspection they are protecting the overall safety of our community. Public health serves more than just individuals, they serve every part of the community.”

He also spoke highly of the competence and heart of the public health staff.

“They know what they are doing and each area of the health department is dedicated to the citizens and communities they serve. The health department makes sure to connect you to whatever service you need, even if it is not one they offer. They are great at giving resources in every area of your life, as well as your family.”