Client Stories: Rah-Sheedah Kates

Photo by Wes Sewell Photography

Rah-Sheedah Kates has been going to the health department since she was a child and proudly continues as an adult.

“I started going to the health department when I was a child to get vaccinations and I have continued going as an adult for check-ups, birth control and many other services,” she explained.

As a mother, Rah-Sheedah takes her health status very seriously so that she can live a healthy life with her child. She encourages all women, whether they are mothers or not, to utilize the health department whenever possible.

“It is so important for women, especially those who are sexually active, to be aware of their health and to take steps to make sure they are STD free and consider birth control if they aren’t interested in having a child,” said Rah-Sheedah. “Your health is more important than anything.”

She also wants to encourage men to visit the health department.

“Man would gain a lot of value from the health department as well. They need to know their STD status and make sure they are healthy.”

 Rah-Sheedah is extremely thankful for her current health department home and suggests anyone who needs a public health service go and see the staff at Lanier County Health Department.

“Don’t be afraid to go to the health department. The staff there are so friendly and they give you real life advice. They have helped me understand so many things that I didn’t know about. They have become like a family to me and I know they will treat others that way as well.”