Client Stories: Peggy Browning

Photo by Wes Sewell Photography

Peggy Browning was born and raised in Lanier County and can’t praise the Lanier County Health Department highly enough.

After losing her job and health insurance coverage, Peggy came into the health department four years ago after finding out that she could receive care through the Breast and Cervical Cancer Program.

BCCP serves women 40-64 who are uninsured or under insured to detect early cancer and pre-cancers of the breast and cervix.

“I needed medical attention and I couldn’t afford insurance, so when I found out I could go to the health department and get the services I needed I was so thankful,” she explained. “The service is just as good as you would get at the hospital or your regular doctor and I am just so blessed.”

Knowing her health status as it pertains to breast cancer is extremely important to Peggy as her sister is a breast cancer survivor.

“I just want to be very sure that I am ok and that I am around for a long time,” Peggy said. “I have four daughters and I want to encourage them, my family, friends and neighbors to all make sure they are taking care of themselves and checking on their health.”

She also praised the Lanier County Health Department and its’ staff.

“Our community is very blessed to have that facility in town available. The staff there are wonderful. They are always so nice and polite and helpful. I would encourage anyone to go to the health department.”