Schools Learn to “Stop The Bleed”

VALDOSTA – Lowndes County Emergency Management Agency in partnership with The Georgia Department of Public Health’s South Health District provided “Stop the Bleed” training at two Lowndes County private schools this week. 

The trainings, held at Crossroads Baptist and St. John’s Catholic School, were led by Lowndes County Emergency Management Director Ashley Tye.

“Stop the Bleed” is a program designed to enable “non-traditional” lay responders (school administrators, coaches, and teachers) to render immediate, potentially life-saving medical aid to injured students or co-workers while they await the arrival of professional responders.

While no one wants to think about emergencies occurring in schools, tornadoes, fires, floods or acts of violence can -and do- happen in any school, at any time. Being prepared for and trained on how to handle these emergencies can help save lives.

“In emergency situations, one minute can make all the difference,” said Lauren Robinson, Emergency Preparedness Director for South Health District. “By choosing to participate in ‘Stop the Bleed’ training, these schools now have teachers and administrators that are better prepared to respond and potentially save lives in an emergency.”

The “Stop the Bleed” program provides training groups with individual bleeding control kits. The kits are designed to treat and stabilize a hemorrhaging patient prior to EMS arrival and are stocked with items such as gauze, gloves, pressure bandages and tourniquets.

More information on “Stop the Bleed” is available online at