Family Planning Changes

Making sure families have access to family planning care has always been a central focus of public health. While that is still the case, Family Planning programs in health departments across Georgia are undergoing changes and as a result, there will be some new requirements for patients seeking those services.

Patients seeking family planning services should be prepared to present an ID and proof of income (if older than 19) and will be expected to pay fees for services. It is our goal to provide family planning services at the lowest cost possible. In order to accomplish this, patients over the age of 19 must provide verification of income so that we may determine fair and affordable fees for services provided. Without verification of income, patients may be asked to pay the full amount for services they receive.

Accepted proof of income includes:

  • W-2 Form
  • Current tax return
  • Current paychecks and/or pay check stubs for one month
  • Unemployment/Department of Labor compensation notice or check stub
  • Notarized statement of income from employer on letterhead

Accepted forms of identification (ID) includes:

  • State issued driver’s license
  • Government issued ID
  • Student ID
  • Two utility bills with name and address

There will be payment options for family planning services and accepted forms of payment include:

  • Cash/Check
  • Debit/Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
  • Medicaid
  • Peachcare for Kids
  • Amerigroup, Peachstate, Wellcare

We value all of our patients and strive to provide the highest quality family planning services. South Health District will continue to offer a broad spectrum of family planning services including physical exams, counseling and education, and provision of effective contraceptive methods.

Any questions about changes to the Family Planning Program can be directed to your county health department.