Nutrition Screening needed for entry into Georgia schools

When entering a Georgia school for the first time, parents will need to ensure their child receives a nutrition screening when getting their ear, eye and dental check. This became a new requirement for the 2014-2015 school year last August.

The original Form 3300, Certificate of Ear, Eye and Dental Examinations, was revised to make it clear and easy to understand for health providers, parents and schools according to the Georgia Department of Public Health. The Form 3300 is required to be presented to school authorities when a child is being admitted for the first time to public school in Georgia.

“We encourage you to double check with your provider when getting your child’s exams done to ensure they have the correct form so you don’t have to make an additional trip,” states Lisa Thomas, RN, District Nursing and Clinical Director.

The updated Georgia Department of Public Health Form 3300 (Rev 2013) can be found here or online at For more information call your local health department.